Karavanen till Ukraina

Cars for the Armed Forces, generators and charging stations, stretchers and medicines - our Finnish friends from the Sisu Ukraine organization have already handed over almost 200,000 euros worth of goods to us. And they promise to support at least until our victory.

In every sense of the word, generous donors from Finland reached us themselves. First, they gave us generators and some other necessary goods, which immediately went to the front line and are already working for the approaching victory of Ukraine.

And then we finally met in real life: the Finns drove 9 cars filled with very useful cargo to Lublin, where we accepted the caravan and took it to Kyiv.

The meeting was very warm and fruitful. The Finns, like few others, understand what the present war means, and are determined to help us as long as it takes.

It is interesting that when the Karavanen till Ukraina project was just starting, its initiators planned to collect "only" 50 thousand euros and buy only 3 cars.

As a result, more than 170 thousand euros were collected in just 2 weeks. About 430 people and organizations supported the project. And this is just the beginning!

Thanks to our Finnish friends - real friends! Together - we will win! 💛💙