Karavanen til Ukraina: Finland continues to help Ukraine

In August, the second meeting of the "E+ Initiative" and the Finnish NGO Sisu Ukraine teams took place in Poland for the transfer of a convoy of cars to save lives in Ukraine.

Denmark will provide Ukraine with more than 40 buses for medical evacuation

So far, 22 buses from Denmark have been received and are working as mobile hospitals, about 10 are being trained to work in difficult front-line conditions, and in general, the Danes promise to deliver at least 44 buses to Ukraine.

Problems with Water in the South: Water Treatment Plants Installed

"E+ Initiative" and reliable partners provided medical facilities in the south of Ukraine with water purification units. After russia blew up the Kakhovskaya HPP, we turned to the State Emergency Service to find out about the real needs of the affected region. We were interested in how we can help not once, but seriously and […]

Iryna Savchenko on ICTV about the turnstile problem

Since the very beginning of the war that russia has waged against Ukraine since 2014, the problem of high-quality tactical medicine, in particular, tourniquets that save life, not kill, remains one of the most acute. In the summer of 2023, when the possibly decisive stage of this war began, the issue of tourniquets began to […]

"Initiative E+" received awards from the Dnipro District State Administration

On June 2, 2023, our team was awarded by the Dnipro DSA for providing help to the military and civilians. We are grateful for the recognition and, above all, for the support we receive from the local authorities. The thanks of the mayor of Kyiv and the head of the Dnipro DSA were presented to […]