Karavanen til Ukraina: Finland continues to help Ukraine

In August, the second meeting of the "E+ Initiative" and the Finnish NGO Sisu Ukraine teams took place in Poland for the transfer of a convoy of cars to save lives in Ukraine.

And it happened again in a Polish border town, where our Finnish friends drove cars filled with useful cargo directly from Finland.

This time the convoy consisted of 13 vehicles in excellent condition, filled with brand new mud tires, which are such a valuable asset in frontline areas, as well as life-saving medical equipment such as vacuum stretchers and much more.

In addition, our Finnish brothers from the Karavanen til Ukraina project collected more than 50 thousand euros for the purchase of charging stations and batteries for the front line.

Thanks to hundreds of our friends from Finland and Sweden who are actively participating in this initiative! We feel their constant and tireless support. Together we will win!