"The Photo Brings Victory Closer: a new joint project with Oleksandr Chekmenyov

The famous and talented Ukrainian photographer Oleksandr Chekmenyov has been supporting our initiatives for a long time. And now, thanks to him, we received another generous contribution that will go to the needs of the Armed Forces.

Last year, together with Oleksandr, we implemented the large-scale project "Photo gives light". At that time, more than 40 generators were purchased with the funds received at the Forbes Ukraine auction. We delivered those generators to educational institutions near Kyiv and to other regions, especially affected by war.

This time, Oleksandr Chekmenyev's work was put on display at the auction held as part of the "UP 100. Leadership in Wartime" award ceremony.

UP 100 is the first list of leaders of Ukraine in the 23 years of existence of "Ukrainian Pravda". On November 22, the media honored a hundred selected entrepreneurs "who took responsibility, who did more, helped and keep helping our country to endure in the most important historical battle for the right to exist."

Two lots were auctioned during this event: a jacket of Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny and a portrait of President Volodymyr Zelensky for the cover of TIME magazine, taken by Oleksandr Chekmenyov.

The starting price of the lots was 100,000 UAH. As a result, the photo portrait was sold for 156,000 USD! It was for this amount that Oleg Horokhovsky, the founder of Monobank, bought it.

Thanks to Oleg, thanks to Oleksandr, who once again called us for help in the correct use of the received funds. It was decided to send them to meet the needs of signalmen of the "East" air command, which provide communication for the protection of Ukrainian skies from Sumy to the Sea of Azov.

We continue to work to bring the Victory of Ukraine closer!