For Cars' Repair

Cars for the front line of the war, which Russia has been waging against Ukraine since 2014, are our specialty. Foreign partners often help us in the purchase of these vehicles, but there is a constant lack of funds for repairs. At the same time, the needs of the front are only growing, it is necessary to prepare imported cars for operation in critical conditions as soon as possible. Help us fill this need!

Our friends from Europe often help us find, purchase and even drive cars to Ukraine. We have already become experts in resolving any bureaucratic issues. We have an established relationship with the military and doctors, from whom we receive urgent requests to deliver cars exactly where they are most needed. But there are problems with preparing cars for front-line service. They usually come to us in an imperfect condition and need one or another repair, replacement of tires, fixing of some defects, bringing to a state in which the car will not fail at a critical moment. It is very important. Repair of one car costs +/- 500 Euros. And that is exactly what we are collecting these funds for. Thank you to everyone who cares! Any contribution is important. These cars save lives.