400 Cars in 600 Days of Invasion

October 16 marked the 600th anniversary of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and it was at this time that we celebrated the jubilee figure of 400 vehicles for the Armed Forces, which we imported from February 24, 2022 and transferred to the front.

These 600 tragic days and nights completely changed life in Ukraine. russia brought a lot of grief, death, destruction to our country. But during all this time, Ukraine continues to give a worthy rebuff to the occupiers. And we continue to do everything we can to help the AFU in approaching our victory.

In 600 days, 400 vehicles that save lives on the front line passed through us. Trucks, off-road vehicles and even buses – all these means were not intended for war, but became a real peaceful weapon in the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Thank you to the many donors who supply us with these vehicles from Europe! Danes Biler til Ukraine, Finns Karavanen till Ukraina, our friends and partners from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and other countries – your contribution to the future victory is priceless!